Title: Top of the POPS

Host(s): Mark Garside, James Fisher

Guest(s): Andrew Deane, Philip Braude

Opening Question: What’s the best medical TV theme song/tune?

Main Topic: Issues to consider for junior doctors involved in preoperative care of older patients

Discussion Points:

  • What is POPS?
  • Why/how is this different from orthogeriatrics?
  • Why are older patients at risk?
  • What special considerations should be made in the medical care of these patients (e.g. Pain management, IV fluids)?
  • How can you get training?
  • How can juniors doctors make a difference?

CotEcast Commandments:

  1. Think about the medications when prescribing them
  2. Remember you are not alone
  3. Talk about the what’s happening on the wards

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Top of the POPS