MiniGEMMini-GEMs (Geriatrics E-learning Modules) are short, focused video podcasts designed for rapid dissemination of knowledge on a very specific topic area of geriatric medicine.

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Assessing Vision in Older Patients

Dr Laura Butler provides a practical guide to visual assessment, with a particular focus on common problems in older people, and advice about when to refer to ophthalmology


Vicky Gibson takes us on a journey through the world of low sodium, telling us why it happens, how to investigate and treat it, and when to worry. Everything you ever needed to know about hyponatraemia in under 10 minutes!

My Patient With PD Can’t Swallow Their Meds – Gulp!

Ever found yourself wondering how to manage essential dopaminergic medications in patients with Parkinson’s Disease who can’t swallow? Wonder no more, as Dr James Fisher guides you through the basic principles, and introduces a free online tool to aid clinical decision-making.

Assessing the Elderly Patient with Back Pain

Dr Sabiha Ali has your back! In this Mini-GEM she discusses the important points in the history and examination of older patients with back pain, and guides us through some principles of management

Send a Myeloma Screen Please

Dr Andrew McGregor provides a brief overview of myeloma and myeloproliferative disorders, including when to consider the diagnosis and how to investigate in older patients

Mind Your Language – The Geriatrician’s Profanisaurus

Professor David Oliver discusses his top ‘banned words and phrases’ within Geriatric Medicine, and explains why we should try to think differently about the way we refer to older people and their problems when they come into hospital.

Pitfalls of surgical diagnosis in the elderly: The art of turf war!

Dr Richard Thomson talks about how to diagnose, assess and manage surgical problems in older people, and how to communicate with the surgical team to achieve the best outcomes for your patients.

“Urine Leaks – Contain Yourself!” – Urinary Incontinence in Frail Older People

Dr Henry Woodford provides an overview of the causes of urinary incontinence in frail older people, and suggests how to investigate and manage this important problem

Shake, Rattle and Roll: The Epley Manoeuvre

Dr James Fisher provides a recap of BPPV and describes how to treat it by performing the Epley Manoeuvre

DNACPR Decisions – It’s Good To Talk

In this Mini-GEM, Dr Frances Tanner takes us through the decision-making process with respect to DNACPR decisions, including legal, ethical and practical aspects, and the latest guidance from the Resuscitation Council

Atypical Presentations in Older Patients – things aren’t always what they seem…

Dr Selina Sangha discusses atypical clinical presentations in elderly patients, including why they happen and what to watch out for.

Dizziness: Getting Your Head Around It

In this Mini-GEM, James Fisher gives an overview of the mechanisms behind BPPV, and the assessment of vertigo, including the Hallpike test

“I’m a patient – get me out of here!” – A Guide to Mental Capacity Assessment

Dr Fionnuala Johnston takes you on a whistle-stop tour of mental capacity, including how, why, and when to carry out an assessment, as well as an overview of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Life after the LCP

In this Mini-GEM, Dr Jonathan Pickard presents a practical approach to end of life care, and discusses the clinical priorities that are needed following the withdrawal of the Liverpool Care Pathway in the NHS

Tips for New Docs – Geriatrics for FY1s

Dr Peter Brock presents a summary of what to expect from your job as a junior doctor on an Elderly Care ward, how to make the most out of it, and give some top tips for success.

Acopia – the diagnosis for docs who can’t cope!

This Mini-GEM highlights the hidden truths behind the non-diagnosis of “acopia”, encouraging deeper exploration of issues and and explaining why the term should never be used.

Constipation: Easing the Strain

This Mini-GEM provides a concise overview of the recognition and management of constipation in older patients.

Myths and MSUs

This MiniGEM explains how and when to diagnose UTI in older patients, and common pitfalls to avoid!

Keeping Dementia Patients Safe in Hospital

This MiniGEM provides a case study to illustrate the important points to consider when looking after patients with dementia in hospital.

The Geriatrician’s Scalpel: Pharmacological Debridement

Got an elderly patient on lots of medications? This MiniGEM provides an introduction to polypharmacy, prescribing cascades, and rational prescribing in the elderly.

Focused Assessment Following a Fall on the Ward

This MiniGEM outlines the important things to consider when you’ve been asked to assess a patient who has had a fall on the ward.

Managing Delirium Out of Hours

A concise guide to recognising, diagnosing, and managing delirium in hospital, with links to further useful resources.

I Think My Patient Might Have Parkinson’s Disease

A short summary for junior doctors and non-specialists, focusing on what to do if you suspect your patient might have Parkinson’s disease.

A Five Minute Guide to Stroke Thrombolysis

A Mini-GEM about stroke thrombolysis. Aimed at (predominantly junior) non-specialist practitioners in the UK.

Introduction to Mini-GEMs

An introduction to AEME and the Mini-GEM format

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