The Association for Elderly Medicine Education (AEME) is a non-profit organisation which promotes the continued professional development and education of healthcare professionals who care for older patients, with the aims of improving standards of care and promoting interest and uptake into the specialty of Geriatric Medicine.

We were formed in November 2012 by a small group of Geriatric Medicine trainees from the North East of England with an interest in medical education, who wanted to share their passion for the specialty.

Our founding members were: Mark Garside, James Fisher and Kelly Hunt.

Our current committee members are:

  • Peter Brock (Chair)

Pete has a background in organising mentoring and revision courses for medical students in London, where he completed his foundation training. He moved to the North East in 2012 to undertake core medical training. He joined the Association of Elderly Medicine Education in 2014 after being appointed to higher specialty training in Geriatric Medicine. His Twitter username is @PeteBrock7.

  • Nick Saxton (Treasurer)

Nick joined the AEME committee in August 2016. He graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2009 and completed foundation training in Northumbria. He spent two years working in New Zealand and Australia where he got a taste for geriatric and acute medicine before returning to the North East for core medical training. He is currently an ST7 in geriatric medicine and has an interest in acute medicine and front of house geriatrics. He loves sport, especially rugby, tennis and skiing. His Twitter username is @saxton1986.

  • Vicky Gibson (Secretary)

Vicky completed medical training at Newcastle University in 2006, undertaking training in General Practice before switching back to Core Medical Training. She undertook 6 months of voluntary medical work in Africa and a year of training in Australia before returning to her current role of Geriatric Registrar in the North East of England. She has an interest in medical education, as well as global health, particularly within the geriatric population. Her twitter username is @gibsonvm_vicky.

  • Chris Taylor (Tech, G4J:Connect)

Chris joined the AEME team in 2017. Another Newcastle graduate (2011), he completed his foundation training in the northeast before heading to London to complete core medical training and a teaching fellowship. Moving back to the northeast for specialty training, he is currently an ST6 in geriatric medicine based at Northumbria Healthcare. His main interest within geriatrics is Stroke and out of work you can usually find him on a golf course! His twitter username is @toongerisdoc.

  • Emma Fisken (OPMentor)

Emma graduated from Newcastle University and completed her foundation training in Northumbria before heading to work in New Zealand for 2 years. Her love of the geordies brought her back to the northeast and she is currently a Less Than Full Time geriatric medicine trainee in Northumbria. She joined the AEME team alongside Chris in 2017 having been to G4J herself in 2014. Her twitter username is @emma_fisken.

  • Christina Page (Mini-GEMs)

Christina joined the AEME team in 2018 after being an avid G4J fan since it’s conception. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2012 and has completed all her subsequent training in the North-East. Currently a less than full time geriatric registrar, Christina enjoys all the Northumberland coast and country has to offer, as well as cycling, skiing and arts & crafts with her toddler! Her twitter is @COTE__Christina

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