Title: Stroke Medicine – FAQs for F1s

Host(s): Pete Brock

Guest(s): Mark Garside, Gemma Smith, James Muggleton & Eve Braithwaite

Opening Question: If for 24 hours you could do any other job in the hospital, what would it be?

Main Topic: Addressing the issues related to stroke we commonly find difficult

Discussion Points:

  • Assessing patients who will not comply with your examination
  • What are the stroke mimics
  • Face a bit droopy, speech a bit slurred, bit confused – is this a stroke?
  • How do you diagnose posterior circulation strokes?
  • What happens in a stroke unit?

CotEcast Commandments:

  1. Think stroke, and act quickly – time is brain!
  2. It’s a bleed until proven otherwise
  3. Say what you see

References, Links, Resources:

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Stroke Medicine – FAQs for FY Docs