Pete, Vicky and Nick are live at the British Geriatrics Society Spring Conference and are joined by ACCS acute medicine trainee Lily Shevlin. They discuss what they have learned from the conference, important topics such as DNACPR forms and treatment escalation plans, fears of being the medical registrar and how to attract more junior doctors to the field of geriatric medicine.



1. Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment (RESPECT)

2. Our COTEcast series on the worries doctors have about the medical registrar role:

3. OPMentor, our online mentorship scheme for junior doctors:

4. Why geriatric medicine? A survey of UK specialist trainees in geriatric medicine:

5. Mouth care matters:

6. Slido:

7. Geriatrics for juniors conference 2017:
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Reflections from the British Geriatrics Society Spring conference