CotEcast #1 – Shownotes

Title: Old Tricks for New Dogs

Host(s): Mark Garside (ST6 Geriatric Medicine, Newcastle), James Fisher (ST5 Geriatric Medicine, Newcastle), Pete Brock (ST3 Geriatric Medicine, Newcastle)

Guest(s): Sean Ninan (ST5 Geriatric Medicine, Leeds)

Opening Question: Which fictional doctor would you most like to be?

Main Topic: Top tips for new doctors dealing with older patients

Discussion Points:

Each participant to identify one ‘top tip’ and one ‘pet hate’ (inc. how to avoid doing it)


  • Pet Hate: “As far as I’m aware”
  • Top Tip: Rule of ‘stuff’
    • Know your stuff
    • Give a stuff
    • Take no stuff and
    • Remember, that despite all of this, stuff happens…


  • Pet Hate: Fluids – too much or too little
  • Top Tip: There is always something you can do to help a delirious patient


  • Pet Hate: Unfounded diagnosis of UTI
  • Top Tip: Get to know your patients


  • Pet Hate: No collateral hx from confused pts
  • Top Tip: Open questions, and give time to answer (eg. How are your waterworks/Tell me about your bowels, rather than ‘Have you got any problems with’) – Remember to ask this in the systemic enquiry

Top Three ‘CotEcast comandments’:

  1. Don’t diagnose UTI without good evidence
  2. Remember the rule of ‘stuff’
  3. If you don’t know, ask!

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  • Pete: @petebrock7
  • Sean: @sean9n

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Old Tricks for New Dogs