CotEcast #7 – Shownotes

Title: Applying to ST3 – and Geriatrics!

Date: 20/01/2015

Host(s): Pete

Guest(s): Mark & Vicky Gibson

Opening Question: What would you call a group of Geriatricians?

Main Topic: Applying to be a Geriatrics Reg

Discussion Points:

  • Why pick Geriatrics over other medical specialties?
  • The application form: tips on how to score well on audit, presentations, publications, teaching
  • Commitment to specialty – how to show you have some
  • Interview experiences and tips

References, Links and Resources:

CotEcast Commandements:

  1. Be yourself, and be enthusiastic
  2. Speak to other people in the specialty
  3. Join the BGS

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How to Become a Geriatrician – Tips for Specialty Applications and Interviews