We’re delighted to be able to publish the complete feedback from this year’s G4J conference. Whilst this makes for quite a lengthy post, we wanted to demonstrate that we haven’t just selectively ‘cherry-picked’ the most positive comments.

As you can see from the numerical feedback, the audience already had a reasonably high level of interest in the specialty prior to attending. This was not unexpected, but the results still show the likelihood of choosing Geriatrics as a career was higher after attending the conference. Combining these results with the exceptionally high mean scores for each individual presentation, along with the overwhelmingly positive free feedback, demonstrates the value of the conference to delegates.

We’d like to thank all those who supported and attended the event, and hope that this feedback will be useful to those considering attending G4J events in the future.


Numerical feedback:

Pre conference likelihood of delegate choosing career in geriatrics (1-10 scale) – Mean score 7.04

Post conference likelihood of delegate choosing career in geriatrics (1-10 scale) – Mean score 8.30


Written feedback:

  • This is a fabulous event and has been instrumental in moving me from being someone who had never considered geriatric medicine as a career, to someone who would find it hard to consider doing anything else. My consultant colleagues have started to notice that I ‘think like a geriatrician’ since I started to think about it as a possible career. G4J and the MiniGEMs have helped to change how I think about medicine.
  • I’m working in a hospital with a really rubbish culture around geriatrics. As I did with last year, I leave today brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. I will continue to sport my “I heart geriatrics” lanyard with pride. Only negative was element of repetition of some talks with last year but I understand why. Thanks for all your hard work – a really polished, fun, well targeted conference.
  • Very well organised. Very informative. Nice spread of topics and I think each lecture time (30 minutes) was just right. Perhaps more talks/topics on end of life and ethical issues.
  • A really good day of talks. Felt quite inspired and keen to review the care of our patients. Great to have talks by people who are motivated and enjoy their jobs.
  • Very useful day which has re-invigorated many of my passions in geriatrics. It has also highlighted new career ideas. Thank you!
  • A fantastic day. Useful tips on management, different conditions and practical day to day skills. Would be great to have a session on specific tips for ST3 applications – the practicalities and to go through each part of the application. Also would be good to have “A Day in the Life of a Geriatric Medicine Consultant” as this is the ultimate aim and decision to be made. But thank you for organising a great day.
  • Exceptionally well organised conference. Kept to time. Speakers were all so informative and enthusiastic. As someone who isn’t interested in geriatrics as a career I booked to help day to day management of geriatric patients as a CT1. I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the day. Amazing price, great venue and a lovely lunch. Thank you.
  • Fantastic conference. Everyone was really friendly and enthusiastic. Very informative. Free food and drinks was a bonus.
  • The G4J conference was excellent. As what feels like a tired, overworked and under appreciated CMT, it was fabulous to receive some encouragement and hear from people who enjoy their work!
  • A very enjoyable and informative day. I feel much better prepared to deal with a variety of problems in older patients in my practice. It has very much enthused me to apply for a geriatrics ST3 post
  • Very enjoyable day, well organised and run. Good sponsors at lunch and coffee breaks.
  • Thank you, really well organised and enjoyable.
  • All speakers to include practical tips that will improve care of patients on the ward in our day to day work. Most did and it was very useful.
  • Really interesting day – very informative and ran exceedingly well. Well worth the trip. Not a very good vegetarian lunch.
  • Excellent session.
  • All very engaging and informative talks. Speakers have been dynamic and definitely confirmed that geriatrics is the career for me.
  • Pre-printed one page summaries for each talk would be useful please.
  • Really interesting course. Lots of interesting sessions but maybe too much to fit into half an hour. Perhaps reduce the number of sessions and make each one slightly longer. I am very interested in geriatrics and this course has enhanced this interest. I am however, drawn to GP due to the shorter length of training, but a good knowledge of geriatrics is essential in order to be a good GP.
  • Great conference. Keep the sponsors so the price is subsidised.
  • Very encouraging, dynamic speakers.
  • Great organisation of the day and really interesting speakers, clearly passionate about elderly care.
  • Found the talks encouraging and made me feel happier about the time to come as a geriatrics/medical registrar.
  • Venue, food and material all excellent
  • Very well organised day. Appreciated the free food
  • Excellent day. Lots of great speakers. Plenty of food for career thought
  • Really enjoyable day – thank you!
  • Session on palliation/when to address. Going over gold treatment standard
  • Maybe the interactive sessions regarding being the med reg, geri’s reg and cv building could be split into groups of CMT individuals and FYs as some of the discussions were more suited to FYs rather than CMT. Venue in Newcastle last year was better and easier to get to.
  • Thank you so much for organising such a great conference yesterday. It was so good to be able to learn lots from doctors with an obvious enthusiasm for treating older people. I was really excited to hear that next year’s conference is going to be in Leeds.
  • A fascinating and inspiring day. Lots of topics covered very quickly with useful top tips.
  • Excellent conference. Very useful, interesting, informative and well run conference. Thank you.
  • Good range of topics covered with nice short talks. Enthusiasm of geriatricians was very evident. Useful for GPST doing acute medicine/intermediate care rotation.
  • Difficult to see from the back, but if slides are online it’s all good
  • Excellent course. Inspiring to meet such enthusiastic and passionate trainees and consultants.
  • Brilliant day. Fascinating and informative.
  • Very helpful day, some topics were covered very quickly as a medical student this did make some topics hard to follow, as I am not that confident in some of the topics. But really useful slides and hints.
  • Great mix of topics over the day
  • Split group sessions by grade. CMT2 different aims of discussion versus FY1
  • Varying levels of Drs and from too many different trusts. Question and answer sessions not very helpful in that setting, different levels have different needs to address. Advice often tailored to below my current level.
  • Liked the round-robin format!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Very inspiring talks/clinicians. Thank you!
  • Well organised, well run. Interesting, enthusiastic speakers. Informative sessions.
  • Very enjoyable day. Ran very smoothly. Would highly recommend.
  • Great day – many thanks.
  • Well organised, great speakers, very useful topics
  • Inspiring day – thank you! Very appropriate that it was not just for us that want to end up in geriatrics but also essential learning for hospital practice. Brilliant!
  • Everyone involved in delivering the day were inspiring and enthusiastic and keen. I feel even more sure about choosing Geriatrics as a speciality. Very well organised.
  • Very worthwhile and interesting day. Great lecturers, interesting and appropriate choice of topics and good length of time (not too long!). Thank you very much, very pleased I came!
  • Excellent! Thank you very much!
  • Pen not great. Venue great. Really friendly approachable people.
  • Very good conference, really useful and pitched at the right level for juniors. Only suggestion would be to use a different venue/lecture theatre style due to difficulties seeing slides and speakers
  • Day was really well run and organised. The venue was also ideal. There was a wide range of talks and topics, which reflects what I love about geriatrics!! A good set of interactive sessions
  • Excellent day. Well ran and kept to timings. Engaging speakers. Cemented career direction to ST3 application.
  • Thank you very much. Great and inspiring talks.
  • Excellent day. Special interest in career geriatrics. Couldn’t fault it.
  • Found the interactive sessions a very useful part of the day
  • It was so good to be able to learn lots from doctors with an obvious enthusiasm for treating older people.
  • Brilliant!
  • Really enjoyable day! Very well organised and great variety of topics
  • Really good course
  • All really interesting sessions. Would be useful to try out more clinical scenarios in small groups.
  • Well organised. Maybe focus on less topics but covered in more detail to decrease risk of rushing and running out of time if allowing for more questions.
  • Really useful day focussing on elements of geriatrics that aren’t always addressed with local teaching programmes or on the ward.       Found it very encouraging and prompted me to book onto subsequent courses
  • Enjoyable day, I have attended both years and thought the changes to the day have improved it.
  • Very useful day. All talks excellent. No complaints at all. Many thanks
  • Glad I attended the conference. Was very useful. Thanks so much
  • Great experience overall. Many, many thanks!
  • Thank you so much for an enjoyable day
  • Well organised conference. Great day. Thank you! Please email with details of local events
  • Excellent day, thank you
  • Very informative, great setting, relaxed
  • Really inspirational! Great to hear about possible careers within Geriatrics. Lots of useful tips to focus on when working on the ward!
  • Great day, I’m so glad I booked in early! Really helps support building my CV and application for CMT. Would be back for ST3 applications
  • Really good day. Everyone enthusiastic and encouraging. Impression of friendly and rewarding specialty. Would be interesting to see session on palliative care: recognising patients coming towards the end of life, tips on discussing DNACPR, end of life care with patients and relatives
  • Excellent day, really well organised, lovely venue. Lunch break could have been a little longer.       Enthusiastic, motivated and inspirational speakers.
  • Very useful day and informative
  • Suggestions for: specific talk on CV building for geriatric SpR and application process. Split into CMT and foundation year areas. Better directions to the venue.
  • Good short presentations with all relevant things especially to geriatrics. Thanks.       Great time keeping. Still very much undecided in career choice but has improved my awareness and increased my enthusiasm for geriatrics
  • Talks pitched at good level. All entertaining
  • Really god day. Covered loads of different topics. Geriatricians seem all very nice and happy in their jobs
  • Had a great day! Lectures perfect length. Friendly interactive sessions. I will recommend to all my friends considering CMT
  • An interesting and enjoyable day, thank you
  • Very well run and organised. Fantastic speakers who can enthuse about their topics.       Particularly enjoyed the small group/ Q&A sessions
  • Very enjoyable to spend the day with people who are motivated and enthusiastic! I am a GPVTS 1 trainee by this has been very useful for managing patients in primary care and my next hospital job SHO geriatrics
  • Very useful and interesting day. Standards of presentations very high


Numerical feedback for individual presentations (mean score from 1-5 rating scale):

Geriatrics in the Admission Unit Dr Kelly Hunt 4.51
Frailty – What is it and why should you care? Dr Zoe Wyrko 4.81
Stroke Medicine Essentials Dr Mark Garside 4.67
Common-Sense Continence Care Dr Vikki Morris 4.63
Community Geriatrics – Life Outside the Hospital Dr Adam Gordon 4.75
Parkinson’s disease – A Junior Doctor’s Survival Guide Prof Richard Walker 4.76
CV Building – Applying to CMT/Geriatrics ST Dr David Seddon 4.32
Ask a registrar: Being the Med Reg Drs Carson/Brock/Ninan 4.53
Practical Geriatrics: Hallpike and Epley Manoeuvres Dr Nigel Stout 4.27
Ask a registrar: Life as a Geris Reg Drs Fisher/Wright/Thain 4.59
Falls Fits Faints and Funny Turns Dr Nigel Stout 4.76
Cognitive Assessment and Why It Matters Dr Thomas Jackson 4.75
Polypharmacy – A Guide to Managing Medications in the Elderly Dr James Fisher 4.92
Perioperative Care of Older People Dr Helen Chamberlain 4.49


G4J14 Feedback – The Results
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