G4J Connect:Aberdeen

‘G4J Connect’ is the name for regional seminars and teaching sessions that are based on the ‘Geriatrics for Juniors’ concept. These events provide educational activities which are designed to help clinical practitioners improve the standard of care they provide to older patients.

Intended Audience:

FY1s, Junior middle grades, medical students, NNPs, new CGNs (First half likely to appeal to broader audience with second half for more senior trainees)

Local Organiser:

Dr Alice Einarsson


1745-1800 Introduction and welcome

1800-1820 Delirium – Dr Lynn Shields (Consultant Geriatrician, ARI)

1820-1840 What drugs to stop and when?– Dr Martin Wilson (Consultant Geriatrician, Raigmore Hospital

1840 -1900 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment – Dr Robert Caslake (Consultant Geriatrician, ARI)

1900-1920 Break (with pizza)

1920-1940 #Medreg

1940-2000 The ACE Consultant – Dr Victoria Henderson

2000-2020 Making it Count – #thelast1000days – Dr Catherine Butchart and Hilary +/- Laura

2020 – 2030 Discussion and questions