Title: The FaSS and the Furious

Hosts: Vicky Gibson, Mark Garside

Guest(s): James Frith

Opening question: What was your most embarrassing fall?

Main Topic: Falls and Syncope

Discussion Points:

  • Why are falls an issue?
  • Why are some patients resistant to seeking help?
  • What are the common and easily overlooked causes of falls?
  • How should you assess someone who has presented following a fall?
  • What can be done on the wards to prevent falls?
  • What happens in a Falls and Syncope department (and what exactly is a Tilt Table Test)?
  • What are the current advances in falls/ongoing projects?
  • Where can juniors spend more time to get more experience, and what services are available as an outpatient/in the community?

CotEcast Commandments:

  1. Never write “Mechanical Fall”
  2. Take a careful history
  3. Review the meds, & refer to physical and occupational therapists

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The FaSS and the Furious