CotEcast #5: Shownotes

Title: The F Word

Host(s): Mark & James

Guest(s): Matt Rudd (Geriatrics Specialty Trainee), Zoe Wyrko (Consultant Geriatrician)

Opening Question: Which medical eponym would you re-name after yourself?

Main Topic: Frailty and FrailSafe

Discussion Points:

  • What is frailty?
  • Discussion around the common misconceptions, why is it important to recognise, and whether it can be measured
  • Overview of Frailsafe project, including explanation, aims, and discussion of why needed
  • How people can get involved, and hopes for the future
  • Practical suggestions for generalists to improve recognition/care of frail elderly patients

CotEcast Commandments:

  1. Think ‘frailty’ for every patient that you see
  2. Get collateral history about usual level of function
  3. Beware iatrogenesis!

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The F Word