Since AEME was founded, the committee have been involved in several research projects related to the aims of the organisation.

Here is a list of publications that have resulted from, or are related to, our educational projects:

  • Geriatric Medicine Workforce Planning: A Giant Geriatric Problem or has the Tide Turned?
    Fisher JM, Garside M, Hunt K, Lo N.
    Clinical Medicine. 2014;14(2):102-6.
    In this work we examined trends in recruitment to specialty training in geriatric medicine. We identified increasing numbers of unfilled posts and called on the specialty to take proactive steps to tackle this


  • Geriatrics for Juniors: Tomorrow’s Geriatricians or Another Lost Tribe?
    Fisher JM, Hunt K, Garside MJ.
    Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. 2014;44:106-10.
    In this work we reported on before and after surveys of delegates at our first Geriatrics for Juniors conference. ‘Being the med reg’ was identified as a potent deterrent to training in geriatric medicine, but we found that targeted educational interventions to address this issue had a positive effect


  • The Development and Evaluation of Mini-GEMs – Short, Focused, Online E-Learning Videos in Geriatric Medicine
    Garside MJ, Fisher JM, Blundell AG, Gordon AL.
    Gerontology & Geriatrics Education. April 2016
    In this work we report on the development and evalution of our Mini Geriatric e-Learning Modules (Mini-GEMs). This work enabled us to understand how and why viewers accessed Mini-GEMs, but also gave us insight into the specific features of the Mini-GEMs that users considered attractive
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  • New ways to teach new doctors about older people
    Brock P, Gibson V, Garside M, Hunt K, Fisher J.
    Clinical Teacher. December 2016.
    In this work we aimed to give an overview of AEME’s activities thus far, and to reflect on some of the factors that have contributed to the success the organisation has had since its inception in 2012.
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  • Being the ‘med reg’: an exploration of junior doctors’ perceptions of the medical registrar role
    J Fisher, M Garside, P Brock, V Gibson, K Hunt, Z Wyrko, AL Gordon
    Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. 2017;47(1):70-75


  • Why geriatric medicine? A survey of UK specialist trainees in geriatric medicine
    Fisher JM, Garside MJ, Brock P, Gibson V, Hunt K, Briggs S, Gordon AL.
    Age & Ageing. 2017 Feb 6:1-7. [Epub ahead of print]
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  • 12 tips for developing trainee-led initiatives to promote recruitment to training in shortage specialties
    Fisher J, Brock P, Saxton N, Garside M
    MedEdPublish, 2017, 6, [3], 29, doi: