Mentoring for junior doctors

OPMentor is an opportunity for junior doctors of any grade who are interested in geriatric medicine to find some informal support with their career development.

We have a network of  geriatricians from throughout the UK willing to provide advice on careers, CV building, specialty applications, audit & quality improvement projects, research, and information about working in their region.

Our Mentor Map has a list of our geriatrician mentors by area, each with a profile introducing themselves. If you think it would be helpful to have a discussion with any of them, you can make an enquiry via their profile.

Geriatrics trainees and consultants – we need more mentors! If you are happy to help provide advice for the next generation of geriatricians then please consider becoming a mentor. Once you’re ready to get involved, complete a brief online application form to get started.

Any further questions? Contact us for more information.