Title: Med Reg Fears Part 3 – Views from the other side

Host(s): Mark Garside, Pete Brock

Guests: Donna Kelly (Anaesthetics & Critical Care), Peter Coyne (Surgery), Fiona Leith (Emergency Care)

Opening Question: Which Disney character would you most like to be?

Main Topic: What do other specialties think about the Med Reg role?

Discussion Points:

  • Who considered being a med reg?
  • What puts people off, and is this fair?
  • What do you want from a med reg? Examples?
  • What makes a good med reg?
  • What makes a bad med reg?
  • Tips for interacting with other specialties

CotEcast Commandments:

  • Don’t be overwhelmed by being on-call
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Use your resources – the buck doesn’t stop with you!

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Med Reg Fears Part 3 – Views from the Other Side