CotEcast #6 – Shownotes

*Apologies for slight noise/feedback issues in this episode – it was due to a technical issue that has now been resolved*

Title: Breaking Bad Bones

Host(s): Mark/Pete

Guest(s): Iain Wilkinson, Francis Collin

Opening Question: What is your biggest pet hate when watching medical dramas?

Main Topic: Orthogeriatrics

Discussion Points:

  • Overview of orthogeriatrics (what is it, why is it needed, evidence?)
  • National targets – Blue book (2007)
    • All patients with hip fracture should be admitted to an acute orthopaedic ward within 4 hours of presentation
    • All patients with hip fracture who are medically fit should have surgery within 48 hours of admission, and during normal working hours
    • All patients with hip fracture should be assessed and cared for with a view to minimising their risk of developing a pressure ulcer
    • All patients presenting with a fragility fracture should be managed on an orthopaedic ward with routine access to acute orthogeriatric medical support from the time of admission
    • All patients presenting with fragility fracture should be assessed to determine their need for antiresorptive therapy to prevent future osteoporotic fractures
    • All patients presenting with a fragility fracture following a fall should be offered multidisciplinary assessment and intervention to prevent future falls
  • What would an ideal service look like?
  • Biggest annoyances/areas for improvement

CotEcast commandments:

  1. Treat hip fracture as a medical emergency
  2. Bring the clinical team together
  3. Take a proper falls history

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Breaking Bad Bones